This Woman Threatened To Accuse Her Uber Driver Of Assault When He Didn't Offer To Charge Her Phone

And of course, she told him to "go back to his country."

In a video recently uploaded to the Internet, an Uber driver shares the footage of an encounter he had with a woman while he was picking up fares in and around the Bronx.

The recording begins when his fare starts yelling at him. Although you can kind of make it out, he doesn't clarify it until the end that their whole argument starts when she demands that he charge her iPhone, a device he didn't have a charger for.

The Uber drive and passenger

Eventually, the driver gets fed up and pulls over, refusing to take the woman to the airport as long as she's "disrespecting" him. Her response is to yell at him, demanding that he call the cops so that she can report him for hitting her. He rolls his eyes at the accusation, seemingly expressing that this is an empty threat with no basis. We should note that the footage does not show their whole encounter so it's impossible to say whether or not there is any kind of physical altercation before the recording begins.

The driver shows that he is willing to take her to her destination, as long as she calms down but she keeps yelling throughout the exchange. Frustrated, he asks if she is "gonna shut up?" and she replies that she instead is "gonna spit in [his] face."

At this point, she changes tactics and accusations, saying that he is now holding her against her will and is guilty of "domestic violence." She also threatens to retaliate saying "I will f****** violate you, stupid!"

Then she starts screeching at the driver to "Call her man" to get him to call her a new Uber but the driver didn't want anything more to do with the woman and simply pulls his car over completely, refusing to move.

She follows this up by throwing her stuff around the car and beating the seat, again saying that he hit her in the face and that she's "got something for him" when they arrive at the airport.

Her anger and the driver's frustration both peak when she threatens to scream out the window that the driver is raping her and that he is groping her genitals.

The driver responds by telling her that she can't treat him that way. He is obviously used to having people expect to be able to treat him poorly because of his job but with this woman, he was ready to draw the line.

Without any real answer to this, she yells at him to go back to his country and that Donald Trump will send the driver and his whole family back to where they came from. She then stuck her head out the window to ask a passersby to call the police.

It seems that she gets bored, or really needs to get to the airport because she eventually starts saying "It's cool, it's cool" before getting out.

You can watch the whole encounter yourself below.

Update: The driver got called in to a meeting with head office. Check out the next page to find out what happens!

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