This Woman Matched With A Veteran On Tinder Just To Shame Him For Being A Dad

But why, though?

There are plenty of things I use Tinder for – meeting people, laughing at funny profiles, and feeling bad about myself being the most common. But one thing I've never considered doing is matching with someone just for the sake of trying to make them feel about their own lives. But apparently there are people out there like Rachel who have nothing better to do with their lives.

This is Rachel.

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A guy saw Rachel's profile and matched with her (don't tell me you wouldn't). Apparently the 142 mile distance wasn't going to be a problem.

The guy in question is a military veteran and speaks openly in his profile about being a proud dad. When Rachel matched him back, it turned out that she wasn't actually into him at all, she just wanted to drag him through the mud.

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The guy immediately jumped to his own defense.

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Amazingly, their conversation didn't end there. It's not clear who reached out to whom first but her attack continued over on Snapchat.

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On the Next Page: He answers the question and gives her a taste of her own medicine.

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