Woman Goes On Insanely Savage Text Rant After Tinder Guy Cancels Date

From 0-to-insane in no time flat.

In theory, Tinder should allow you to meet people who you otherwise wouldn't cross paths with. The downside to the whole process is that the relative anonymity that comes form communicating from behind a screen means that people can end up feeling free to forget all about treating each other with decency and respect.

A guy reportedly matched with this woman on Tinder.


They chatted for a bit and seemed to hit it off. They talked about making plans to meet but, as sometimes happens, the guy had another sure thing come up, so he politely declined.

Before he got a chance to reschedule, this happened.


Whoa now. That's all kinds of inappropriate. Everything from the escalation of the situation to the insults to the homophobic slurs was just uncalled for. But she wasn't done yet.


Now, I can't be the only one who's a little caught up on the fact that a redhead is trying to insult someone by calling them a "ginger" but I suppose that's just a drop in the bucket when we're talking about this woman's insanity.

She brought it all home with this ranting conclusion.


I'm starting to think she isn't actually sorry at all.

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The images from this article were originally posted to Imgur and the text messages have been transcribed for readability.

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