Woman Gets Into Car, Thinking Its An Uber, Driver Thinks She's A Sex Worker [Video]

It's as awkward (and scary) as you might expect.

Caroline Burt first broke out on the Kardashian-adjacent reality show Dash Dolls, where she joined the cast as one of the boutique girls working at the Kardashian-owned clothing and accessory store Dash.


Burt also works as a DJ and singer, releasing her latest single "For the Weekend" just a few days ago. Among her other projects, Burt also livestreams on Twitch and YouTube, giving her fans immediate access to "Makeup tutorials, reviews, random vlogs, rants, and funny sh**."

During one of these livestreams, Burt had an incredibly awkward encounter you'll have to see to believe.


Burt had arranged to be picked up by an Uber and, seeing a car that pulled over to the road, assumed that this was her ride. She claims she mouthed the word "Uber" to the driver, who nodded, before she got in.

Unfortunately, the driver wasn't actually her Uber, it was just some guy who thought that he was picking up a random sex worker on the side of the road.


It takes a little while for either of the people in the car to realize that something's up but once Burt realizes this isn't her Uber, she gets out of the car as fast as she can.

Fans have asked Burt how this could have possibly happened, but it seems that when you're on auto-pilot mode you don't notice things that seem obvious in retrospect.


Watch the video below.

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Uber Driver Accidentally Picks Up Sex Worker And It's Awkward AF [Video]


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