This Woman Caught Her Boyfriend Cheating On Tinder. Then She Gets Her Revenge And It's Incredible

That's how you get at them, girls!

Tinder is a whole new world all in itself. Even a few years ago nobody dreamed of such an app, and then somebody did, and now, frankly, we are in a little bit of a pickle. Although, it becomes increasingly easy to find a "match" on Tinder, finding someone who is actually good for you is like looking for a gold needle through a pile of trash.


When using Tinder, you quickly learn that you cannot trust anyone but yourself, and that the world is full of psychos who disguise themselves with free-spirited comments to strike you at your most vulnerable. One of my friends compared Tinder to catching Pokemon in Pokemon GO, and I must say that I agree with her somehow. Too bad that what you get is mostly another Jynx (and with such a low CP!).

So we have one of these Tinder stories for you. It doesn't really have a happy ending. Revenge, even at its best, is always somewhat of a double-edged sword, and this story is no different.

So meet Alison, by all means, a lovely young woman.

Alison via Facebook

She's a 24-year old woman who, until recently, used to go out with a guy named Ben. She got a tad suspicious about Ben's behavior and she decided to log into his Facebook. Through Facebook, she found out that Ben has been using Tinder to hook up with other girls.

Isn't it amazing how guys want to keep their options open, but they will never agree to their girl doing the same thing? Anyway, Alison decided to get rid of Ben from her life, but that wasn't the end.

Coming up next: the revenge.

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