Woman With "Best Butt In China" Can't Leave Her House In Tights Without Getting Mobbed

It's a title she comes by honestly.

Women can sure have a tough time in public with the way some men behave. They get yelled at, groped, teased and even worse sometimes. Gao Qian, an Asian model with the title of "most beautiful buttocks in China," is no stranger to this type of attention.

Rear competitors

From Miss Bum Bum – Gao Qian to the right

The 19 year-old has been attracting this type of attention for awhile but things might be about to get even worse for her. Gao won the title of Most Beautiful Buttocks at the contest, where she astonished judges with her performance. The competition, held in a shopping mall in Shenyang, features fit women from all across China shaking and wiggling their butts.

Shaping the rear


Gao is a vlogger and part-time personal trainer and model. She vlogs about her training routines and other extra-curricular activities. To Gao, the perfect buttocks is both plump and curvy. She says her 6-hour-a-day routine consists mostly of squats and lunges. She does literally thousands of them so that she can maintain her fitness level and body tone.

Gao says she's a fan of Kim Kardashian. She thinks Kim has the perfect ratio of her tiny waist, wide hips and curvy bottom. She also believes that Asian women might have a disadvantage compared to caucasian or latina women in regards to their backside. She told MailOnline that "it might be a genetic thing or the bone structure" or "they have more systematic training."

Rear-view attention


Gao claims that she can't wear tights in public otherwise "people would surround me and point at my backside." She says that she was "particularly embarrassed once when a couple argued in front of her after the man praised her bottom to his girlfriend."

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