Wife Catches Husband Cheating After Making A Shocking Discovery On Instagram

When will people learn? You ALWAYS get caught.

Over in Russia, a marriage has come crumbling down after the wife made a shocking discovery on Instagram.

According to Viral Thread, Yulia Agranovych was killing some time, scrolling through the discover section of Instagram when she came across a post that made her stop and question everything. To anyone else, the picture would have blended in to the blur of the feed but to Yulia, it spelled the beginning of the end.

This was the photo she saw.

Instagram via Viral Thread

If you're squinting at the picture above, trying to figure out what detail she saw in the background, you're going about this mystery all wrong.

The problem wasn't what the picture showed but rather where the picture was taken. In fact, Yulia could have walked over to her bedroom window and taken a nearly identical picture because the photo was taken from her apartment.

Instagram via Viral Thread

Confused, Yulia followed the picture to the profile of Vlada Abramovich (above). There, she discovered that this wasn't the only picture taken from inside her apartment, it was part of a series of images where Vlada was claiming that this her own home. In fact, the selfie shown above was taken in Yulia's own bathroom mirror.

As if that wasn't proof enough, Vlada's timeline reportedly also showed picture of her with a man she claimed was her husband. The problem? The man was actually Yulia's husband, Nazar.

Instagram via Viral Thread

Confronted with the truth, Nazar originally denied any infidelity, claiming that the only reason Vlada was in their apartment was because he had thrown a party while Yulia was out of town and that Vlada must have thought she was being funny. But the charade didn't last long and Nazar admitted to cheating with multiple partners.

Nazar and Yulia – Instagram via Viral Thread

Yulia decided to end the relationship and stated that, in a strange way, she was grateful to Vlada for revealing what kind of a person her husband was. She figured that it was better to find out now, while they were young, rather than discovering it later, when they were older and had children to worry about.


Reportedly, Vlada couldn't care less about her role in the couple's destruction, saying that Nazar wasn't "a vegetable without free will" and that he knew what he was getting into.

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