What Your Sleep Position Says About Your Relationship

This may be the position that matters most.

If you're a typical couple, you likely spend a third of your life next to your partner without really thinking about it. Once Netflix has been thoroughly chilled, everyone's put their phones away, and nighttime routines are finished, there's still the business of sleep.

You spend more time with your partner sleeping than doing anything else, so is it any wonder that how you choose to sleep next to and with your partner can reveal a lot about your relationship? Do you like to be close or give each other space? Do you take up more room or less? Any of these details can tell us unexpected details about ourselves and our relationships.

1. Feet or hands touching but nothing else

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If you sleep facing each other but limit your contact to your limbs, it suggests a balance between intimacy and independence. You prefer to be in each other's presence, enjoy sharing and receiving reminders of each others' affection, but also appreciate having a bit of room to breathe.

2. Facing each other, apart


If you sleep facing each other, but with no contact between you, that doesn't mean you have any less interest in intimacy. More than likely, you adore each other and appreciate that the other person's face is the last thing you'll see before you go to sleep. It's not that you're avoiding being close, it's that you're making sure you have a great view of the person who fills you with so much joy.

3. "The chase"


There's no doubt that body language in the bedroom is important. When couples fight, one of the ways an angry partner can express it is by avoiding coming to bed, or, if they're tired enough, climb into the bed but sidle right up to the edge, as far away from the other person as possible. What happens next is all up to the other person. A "chaser" wants the fight to be over as soon as possible and will join their partner near the edge of the bed for their snuggle or spoon of choice. If you find that chasing is becoming a part of a regular routine, you may want to take a look at why one of you keeps coming to bed upset.

4. Spooning

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