What Your Favorite Marvel Hero Says About You

Deadpool is our spirit animal.

Comic book movies are all the rage these days, with DC and Marvel leading the pack with one blockbuster after another. With the recent release of Luke Cage and Doctor Strange arriving in November, it's an especially great time to be a Marvel fan. With such a huge cast it's hard to pick a favorite, but there's always one who speaks to us on a personal level.

Captain America

You love freedom, justice, and the American way! You might have trouble keeping up with all the technological trends and jargon that gets thrown around these days, or feel like you're an old person in a young body.



You're pretty quiet and friendly. Some would describe you as a pacifist until someone decides to push you past your limit. As the Doctor Who saying goes, "demons run when a good man goes to war."

Iron Man


You're a bit of a know-it-all and have a quip for every situation. Still, your ambition can make you blind to the effects it may have on those around you. You also have an excellent taste in drinks.

Squirrel Girl


You're used to being underestimated by people based on your appearance, but you use it to your advantage. Playing the underdog when you're really the ringer is what you best.

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Black Panther


You're a big fan of tradition and respect your elders, but you also know how to look good in black.


You couldn't care less what other people think about you, but you also probably have a screw loose. Or fifty. Thousand.

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You're a bit of a mama's (or aunt's) boy/girl. You value the importance of having a life at home and work, though you wish you could put them together without any negative consequences.

Luke Cage


You've got some thick skin, figuratively speaking. Insults just bounce off of you, because you know that haters are gonna hate. You just keep doing you.

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Doctor Strange


Your sesquipedalian loquaciousness might intimidate others and make you seem like an oddball, but really you're just on another level of thought. You see the world in a completely unique way - it's not your fault other people can't.



You might consider yourself forgetful, but you know who your friends are. You definitely feel more at home in the wilderness than in the city, and while you might have a gruff exterior, you really have a heart of adamantium gold.


You know how to make a bombastic entrance, but you are also not very knowledgeable of other people's customs which can make you seem a bit alien. You're also very competitive, whether it's with your sibling(s) or peers.

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Did we miss out on your favorite Marvel hero? Which upcoming Marvel show or movie are you the most hyped for? Comment below!

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