What Is The Boonk Walk? And Why Is Everyone Doing It?

Let me see your Boonk Walk.

When he isn't posting videos of pranks and petty crimes, Florida-based Instagram star Boonk Gang also makes music.

His latest track, "Boonk Walk" just dropped, amassing over 800,000 views on YouTube within the first week and thousands more in streams on Spotify.

The Boonk Walk itself is Boonk Gang's signature shaky-legged walk seen below.

The song is truly catching fire. It's inspiring people from all over Snapchat and Instagram to show off their best take on the Boonk Walk and to challenge their friends to do the same. We got Boonk to send us some of his favorite #boonkwalkchallenge submissions.

This girl in the pink had absolutely owned the Boonk's signature stanky legs.

Although I'm a little worried about what happened to her hat. It looks like a chunk of it's burnt off. Am I missing something?

Here's Keyondreforreal's take on the challenge.

He did better than I ever could. Look at how noodley those arms got too!

Next up are LVSkinny, Darius Ferrell, and Quellz, doing their own "gang sh*t."

I wish I could see the actual walk, but I understand that it's more about the attitude.

You've got to appreciate the commitment this girl had, falling on her ass just like Boonk did.

The jury's still out on whether she (or even Boonk) fell over on purpose or if that's the proper way to end an authentic Walk.

Some of these people make the Boonk Walk look better than Boonk himself.

Not to mention, she looks happier doing it than I think I've ever been doing anything.

Some people turned it into a group project... although results definitely vary.

I'd feel bad making fun of a kid online so I'll just leave it at that.

This kid did it true Boonk-style, making a scene in Subway.

Any fan of Boonk Gang's knows he made it big on Instagram stories of him acting a fool in donut shops and restaurants. This kid's getting to the real spirit of the thing.

Aspect Zavi has never been one to stand down from a dance challenge.

This dude in a Venom costume tried to pull off that invisible step move in his Boonk Walk. It didn't go great.

Where did it all go wrong? I think the invisible step is all about speed so if you're gonna do it, do it fast.

Even WoahVicky got it on the craze.

Although she seemed more concerned with showing off her new purple hair and eyes than with doing any Boonk Walking.

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