Twitter Discovered A Woman On Tinder They Call 6'7" Bae And The Reactions Are Ruthless

That's what I call a BBW.

A few days ago, a profile showed up on the /r/Tinder section of reddit. Normally the page shows people's screencaps of various Tinder dating profiles and interactions from the wildly popular dating app. The profile for "Jesse," however, really grabbed people's attention and currently has an upvote score of almost 8,000.

This is the picture everyone's buzzing about.


Once Twitter got ahold of the profile, they started imagining just what it would be like to date someone who's 6'7".

1. Wrestling was a popular way to imagine the situation


Like this guy did, showing The Great Khali staring down Rey Mysterio.

2. Imagine what your mother would say


Shelton Benjamin's momma didn't look too kindly on Big Vis grinding up on her son.

3. It was clear who people thought would be in control of the relationship


Like poor Booker T, who didn't have a chance against Rikishi.

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