The Top 5 Hypest Anime Signature Moves

Only the most blood-boiling, over-the-top moves here.

As one of the most tried-and-true genres in anime, shonen has been around since the beginning. Hot blooded heroes come back from the brink of defeat to take down the bad guy, always in some badass fashion. And when someone needs to be put down for good, the signature yelled-callout attack never fails. Here are our top 5 signature moves, as rated by how much they put us on the edge of our seat.

5. Serious Series Serious Punch - One Punch Man

Saitama doesn't really need to name his moves because his fights don't last long enough to warrant it. However, in the fight against the space pirate Boros, Saitama decides to actually get serious and delivers this punch that, despite its tame name, is debatably the strongest on this list. If he just had a bit more gusto, it would have ranked higher.

4. Sunlight Yellow Overdrive - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood

While Jojo is filled with over-the-top characters and superpowers, nothing quite captures the hotbloodedness of Part 1's Jonathan Joestar, who, like all shonen protagonists, shouts his attacks. The best part is that the words "sunlight yellow overdrive" hardly make sense when put together.

3. Giga Drill Break - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

The Giga Drill Break is seen countless times throughout the series, but I picked the most iconic time (in my opinion) it was used. Gurren Lagann is also a series where having a higher fighting spirit will make you that much stronger - literally. I personally enjoy the subbed version a lot more, simply because the voice actors capture that over-the-topness better than the English version.

2. Shining Finger Sword - G Gundam

Half signature move, half soliloquy, and 100% awesome, the Shining Finger Sword has achieved internet fame (or infamy, depending on who you ask) for its English translation. This is in addition to the Erupting Burning Finger, which follows "This hand of mine is burning red! Its loud roar tells me to grasp victory!" Truly a classic.

1. The original Kamehameha - Dragon Ball

The Kamehameha, or "Turtle devastation wave", is the most iconic move in the entire Dragon Ball franchise. We all attempted to do it ourselves as kids - don't deny it. However, the buildup that preceded the first-ever Kamehameha wave as Master Roshi proved he was more than a pervy old man makes this the most iconic move on our list.

Is there a move we missed that you think should have made it into the top 5? If you had a signature move, what would you call it? Discuss in the comments!

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