These Girls Sent Their Upstairs Neighbors A Letter To Complain About The Noise And Got Back A Savage Response

That's one way to deal with the problem...

Chances are, if you live in an apartment, you have upstairs neighbors. Only the select few live on the top floor and don't have to worry about the constant annoyance of lead-footen angels dancing around above your head. Chances are equally as good that you, too, have been said upstairs neighbor. No one stomps around and ruins their neighbors' lives for fun. Living life just makes noise and it's easy to forget the effect your actions have on others.

For these girls, the time had come that enough was enough. They were sick and tired of the constant noise from upstairs that seemed to start after 9pm. So they did what most of us would do, they sent a passive-aggressive (with an emphasis on aggressive) note.


So what would you do if you got a letter like that? You could

a) Shout "sorry" down the stairs and try to be more quiet moving forward

b) Get mad and stomp around on purpose but then get bored and realize they have a point and that you could do better of being a considerate neighbor.

No, no, no. These guys decided to double down on the specific language of the note and send back the gold standard of passive-aggressive responses.


This is a response that took time, care, and precision. This wasn't a clapback born out of anger. These guys took the words right out of the note and turned it into comedy gold.

Just look at these tickets. This is masterwork.


This whole story came by way of a Tweet from user morgxmarie.

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