Teenage Troll Gets Suspended For Savage Answers On A Sex Ed Test

She's got no time for your condom excuses.

When it comes to sex ed, a lot of us got a pretty anatomical explanation of how everything works. By the end of it, I was more prepared to perform a minor surgery than I was for navigating my actual sexual development.

It seems that times have changed a bit since I was in school. Now, instead of just talking about the nuts and bolts of anatomy, some schools are dealing with more practical matters, like preparing people for dealing with a sexual partner who doesn't want to use birth control.

An Imgur user going by the name dogsandcatsandlemursohmy was happy to see that things had changed a bit since she went to school when her 14-year-old sister started taking sex ed.

What she was maybe less thrilled about was finding out that her "firecracker" of a sister was suspended for the answers she wrote on an assignment which asked students to match answers to common objections to wearing condoms.

Instead of following the assignment to the letter, the sister took her trademark sass and turned it into the kinds of answers she might actually give someone who was trying to get down without being safe.


Apparently it wasn't so much the answers themselves that got the sister in trouble but rather her choice to use colorful language while she was doing it.

Either way, people obviously had their own takes on the story. One guy chimed in unable to understand why other guys wouldn't see condoms as a badge of honor.


While someone else shared the story of their sister who was less enthusiastic about birth control.


Regardless of how it happened, if this story blowing up helps more people think about their reproductive health, then I'm all for it.

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