This Tattoo Artist Is Way Too Famous For Someone Who Can't Draw [12 Photos]

I'm in the wrong profession.

Here's a list of things you need to be a successful tattoo artist: a tattoo gun, some ink, a room to tattoo people in, talent. You can scratch talent off that list it seems, at least according to a new story catching people's attention online.

A Brazilian tattoo artist is turning heads in her at-home tattoo parlor and on Instagram for what she calls "tatuagens peba" (trash tattoos). You may be tempted to think that her style is intentionally bad, meticulously crafted to look as low quality as possible but that's just not the case.

Helena Fernandes is honest about how bad her work is. Her drawings are barely recognizable and she's more than willing to direct people to better tattoo artists if they want something done well.

She also refuses to put anything other than her own designs on people's bodies - not because of pride but because she literally would not be able to pull it off.

Everything about these is bad, including extra lines where she's messed something up.


The characters she draws are like something out of a child's nightmare.


Here's her take on three chihuahuas.


This picture is truly baffling. This guy already has work from more talented artists on his body. Why would he opt to get this hot mess on his chest?

Her artwork would make Tim Burton question his life choices.


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