Steve-O Suffered Major Burns After A Stunt Gone Wrong And It's Disgusting

That's why you shouldn't play with rocket fuel.

A week ago, stunt legend Steve-O shared a video detailing that he was in the hospital, citing mystery injuries.

"Alright, I might be in the hospital, I'm not saying why. But you're going to f***ing find out."

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The next update came from friend and touring partner Scott Randolph, who showed this picture cheering on Steve-O's work ethic.

"He won't stop working!!!"


It still wasn't clear what happened but the blistering on his arms suggest that he must have been burned. As time went on, the blistering just got worse, as he shared with TMZ.

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Over the course of the next five days, the burns just got more painful.

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Eventually, doctors jumped in and decided that surgery was required.

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