Somone Tried To Call Out Wendy's On Twitter. The Savage Response Scared Them Off The Internet

Wendy's keeping their Twitter as fresh as their meat.

It all started with a Tweet.


It's a claim we've heard before from Wendy's - that their beef is always fresh, never frozen. Apparently fed up with hearing these claims, one user decided to call Wendy's out. "Thuggy-D", using the handle @NHRide screamed BS about the Tweet, saying that we all know better.


I've been curious about Wendy's claims before but it's never occurred to me to call them out publicly and to claim that everyone knows they're liars.

The rest of the conversation shows just how often Wendy's has to deal with these kinds of claims.

Twitter (via @Fraxtil)

That response had a double effect on me because a) it answered my questions and made me feel like an idiot and b) it made Thuggy-D take the hit instead of me.

Thuggy-D didn't let up, though. Instead of saying "oh, thanks for explaining" or, y'know, nothing (which people seem to always forget is an option), they decided to go for the jugular. Which, of course, Wendy's had no patience for either.

Twitter (via @Fraxtil)

And that's a wrap (or, I guess, a burger?).

The exchange blew up, resulting in, as you can see, dozens of retweets and hundreds of likes before Thuggy-D had had enough. Whether they changed their name or just deleted their account, there's no trace of Thuggy-D anywhere.


For awhile, Wendy's kept their side of the conversation up but now, everything, including the original fresh burger claim have disappeared completely. It's only thanks to the quick thinking of user @Fraxtil that the legacy of the exchange lives on.

As it turns out, whoever is running the Wendy's Twitter account does this kind of thing on the regular. Their front page all appears to be typical, promotional corporate stuff but once you wade into the replies, things get a lot more real.

I only had to go back 12 minutes to find this gem.


Apparently Wendy's follows less of a "the customer is always right" approach and more of a "the customer deserves to be demolished publicly before we also rip into our competition" philosophy.

In the last hour alone, they've also told three people to delete their accounts. They also seem to be wrestling fans. In the last hour, they went through a whole routine trading wrestling catchphrases back and forth with a couple of users. All in all, it's cool to see that Wendy's keeps their Twitter account as fresh as their meat.

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