Someone Broke Into An Abandoned Duplex And Found This Disturbing Scene Inside. The Real Story May Surprise You

You couldn't have paid me to go in there.

This story begins with a person on reddit who goes by Asherbaby. They claim that an abandoned building next to their friend's duplex had recently been forced open. Curious about the strange place, Asherbaby and the friend made their way inside, only to discover a gallery's worth of disturbing scenes.

The view when you enter, beginning with the stairs leading up to the second apartment, is one of pure decrepitness.


As Asherbaby points out, this isn't so much creepy as much as it is messy. Another view from the entrance shows that the rest of the duplex doesn't look any better.


At this point, between the leaking ceilings and all the garbage and grime, things are starting to look a bit creepy. But that's got nothing compared to what's to come.

With almost nothing else inside the property, there lie an old busted-up piano in the living room which stood out.


If you look on the left of that photo, you'll notice what really got people's skin crawling. Another shot of the piano shows it off in better detail.


The walls of the living room were nearly entirely covered with meticulously hand-drawn notches.

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