Side Chick Gets Pregnant, Texts A Wrong Number And Gets Trolled In An Epic Way

1 : 0 for karma.

If you are looking for one of these crazy viral stories where someone does something utterly stupid and it backfires in a glorious way, then you're in luck. In this one, a girl sleeps with a guy even though she knows that he is dating someone else. When she gets pregnant, she decides to out him to his primary girlfriend.

Unfortunately, people who sleep around with other people's partners aren't known for their particularly high levels of intelligence. The girl ends up texting the wrong person. Fortunately for us, she messages a marvellous Internet troll who goes on to share the story with the world.

You've really got to check out their amazing exchange on WhatsApp.

No hello or anything, we're getting straight to the point


This person knows more than one Sam


You would think that this would be sufficient to realize you're texting a wrong person


They have their favorite Sam


At this point, this is just a little funny. If it wasn't then we wouldn't be reading it. But what's way better is what's coming up next. Because apparently, this girl really has no idea that such a reaction from Sam's real girlfriend would be very unlikely.

Coming up next: this person isn't funny, they are Batman!


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