Restaurant Leaves Epic Instructions After Wannabe Tough Guy Orders Extra Spicy Noodles

They may live to regret the request.

You probably have a spice-head in your life that thinks they're just too tough for words. If you eat anything and show the mildest discomfort around them, they'll scoff at you and start bragging about some unpronouncable pepper they ate that didn't even phase them.

I don't know much of anything about reddit user Lowghen but I have to assume that they're a lot like that, the kind of jerk who uses phrases like "it burns so good."

Anyway, it seems that Lowghen was destined to become internet famous because of his taste for spicy foods. He dropped into a restaurant and asked for pad thai. Not regular pad thai, but spicy pad thai.


Clearly he was emphatic about just how spicy of an experience he was looking for because the person taking his order couldn't have made it any more clear on the receipt.


That's not even the craziest part! Check out the Next Page to see just how insane the instruction got.

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