Ranking the new Star Wars: Rogue One LEGO vehicles

Star Wars has always been known for its iconic ships and vehicles. Rogue One looks to be no exception, as evidenced by these great-looking LEGO sets.

5. Imperial Assault Hovertank (75152)

It's tough to make smaller sets really stand out. While the Imperial Assault Hovertank doesn't create the feelings of awe that some of the later sets will, it still feels like a Star Wars set. Its boxy design is barely enhanced by the mounted guns but damned if that Chirrut Imwe isn't bringing it with that crossbow.

Pieces: 385
Price: $29.99 USD

Minifigures: Chirrut Imwe, two Imperial Hovertank pilots

4. Krennic's Imperial Shuttle (75156)

There's no doubt that sleek blackness is a cornerstone of Imperial vehicle design. If it's not broken, don't fix it. That being said, this set seems familiar, like we've seen it before, which makes it stand out just a little less than some of the later entries.

Pieces: 863
Price: $89.99 USD

Minifigures: Bodhi Rook, Director Krennic, Pao, K2-SO, and two Imperial Death Troopers

3. Rebel U-Wing Fighter (75155)

The blue, white, and yellow give this set a unique look, almost looking more like something out of Star Trek rather than Star Wars. On the back, we've got the best-looking set of engines since the podracers.

Pieces: 659
Price: $69.99 USD

Minifigures: Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor, Bistan, Rebel Trooper, and U-Wing Pilot

2. AT-ST Walker (75153)

I mean c'mon! I know I was complaining about how unoriginal the Imperial Shuttle looked but we're talking about an AT-ST here. It's all the nostalgia of Return of the Jedi without worrying about ewoks getting squashed.

Pieces: 449
Price: $39.99

Minifigures: Baze Malbus, AT-ST Driver, Rebel Trooper

1. TIE Striker (75154)

Let's just stop and admire this one, shall we? Look at the wings on that thing! This is a vehicle that isn't just built for speed or lethality. The TIE Striker wants you to feel the terror of impending doom as its sharp wings come bearing down on you.

Pieces: 543
Price: $69.99 USD

Minifigures: TIE Pilot, Imperial Shoretrooper, Rebel Trooper, and Imperial Ground Crew

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