A Photographer Got Celebrities To Show Their Public And Private Sides In These Amazing Portraits

The real question is which one is which.

At the top of their game, celebrities likely have a well-maintained and manicured persona they put forward. It would be exhausting and probably counter-productive to be authentic, honest, and raw at all times so when photographer Andrew H. Walker asked these celebrities to let their hair down, we got a special glance at what they might be like when the cameras are off... Or at least what they'd like us to think.

The series, called "Diptyches" was taken at this year's Toronto International Film Festival.

1. Felicity Jones

Andrew H. Walker

Our take: Private Jones is on the right, free to be genuine and not always upbeat like the Rogue One press junkets demand.

2. Amy Adams

Andrew H. Walker

Our take: Tough to say but our guess is that private Adams is on the right. It's still posed but she's enjoying herself.

3. Anne Hathaway

Andrew H. Walker

Our take: Private Hathaway is on the right. As one of the most famous faces on the planet, it must be nice to hide for awhile.

4. Dakota Fanning

Andrew H. Walker

Our take: The private Fanning is on the left. It seems like Dakota Fanning has been a serious actress since the womb so it's nice to see her just having a good time.

5. Ewan McGregor

Andrew H. Walker

Our take: Private Ewan McGregor is on the right, still unable to believe that the guy on the left is him.

6. Gerard Butler

Andrew H. Walker

Our take: It's kind of tough to say with this one. Neither of these Butler seems to be taking things too seriously but Butler knows what he's doing when he chooses the ridiculous movies he does. So we're guessing that genuine Butler is on the right since it's not exactly a well-honed pose.

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