This MMA Ring Girl Cooks Breakfast In A Thong And It's Sizzling

Plus 15 more mouth-watering photos.

If you're into MMA but never branch outside of the UFC, you're missing out on a whole other world of fighting. Part of that world is Russian promotion M-1 Global, which, among other benefits, offers up ring girl (and upcoming fighter) Angelia Anderson as one of their their top attractions.

Recently, Anderson offered us a view of her morning routine – in particular an all-access view while she cooked herself a Spanish breakfast wearing nothing more than a thong and a bra.

Of course, the recipe is really what we came for, which she handily offered up in the description.


But this wasn't the first time that Anderson offered us a view into what domestic life would be like waking up with her every morning. We've compiled 15 of the hottest images from Anderson's kitchen, courtesy of her sizzling Instagram.

1. Make sure you've got all the ingredients you need


Which, in Angelica's case, seems to mean having a fridge full of juice and soy milk. That's it.

2. Go shopping for anything that's missing


If we're not going to have huge peppers, what are we even doing here?

3. You also have to test the ingredients


Unless I'm mistaken, this is the same breakfast from the video. I'm glad she's worried about quality control.

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