Meet The New God Of Twitter

Glory be to him.

Twitter | @RickyBerwick

He's truly the Shakespeare of our time. His wit and sense of comedic timing are on point and nothing gets him down. You might be thinking, "but why should I care about this random Twitter personality? They're a dime a dozen!" Well, have I got a story for you. Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in between: I give you Ricky Berwick.

He's a master of settling Twitter feuds.

Ricky's also gone toe-to-toe with multiple YouTube personalities who thrive on "drama" for their channels. With his undeniable charisma and charm, Ricky always comes out on top. Ricky's so well-known for his slick burns that people actually request roasts directly from him!

He's a great dancer.

He can also sing, and one can only assume he can act. He's a real triple threat. Watch your back, Clooney.

He's truly a man of the people.

There's nothing better than an internet personality who's grateful for his fans. Ricky goes above and beyond to make his followers feel special, from gifting them video games (as above) to sending them personalized video responses.

The three Ts of Ricky Berwick: Teeth, Tongue, Toot.

Every comedian has a schtick, and Ricky's is elegant in its simplicity. Those three magical ingredients (and chemical X) come together to make comedy gold.

Most of all, he's a perfect example of playing with the hand you're dealt.

Twitter | @RickyBerwick

You see, Ricky suffers from a chronic condition known as memeitis, which causes the body to rapidly produce memes. If these memes are not removed at a rapid enough pace, the body becomes increasingly dank.

For real, though, Ricky's got a condition known as Beals-Hecht syndrome, which causes contractures (hardening of tissue like muscles and tendons) in the joints (like elbows and knees). This usually means they cannot be fully straightened out. In spite of this, Ricky is a huge internet celebrity and is proof that you can make it as long as you have a sense of humor.

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