Marathon Runner Flaps In The Wind After Epic Wardrobe Malfunction

In a race like this, every inch matters.

The Kosice Peace Marathon of Slovakia is an annual tradition that stands as one of the oldest marathons in the world, following only the Boston Marathon. Since 1924, the prestigious race has seen runners pound the asphalt, looking to beat personal records and gain notoriety.

Sometimes, though, notoriety comes from unexpected places.

This year's race was a heated competition as Reuben Kerio took home the win, just 1:11 behind the race's all-time record. Thirty seconds later, the next racer finished, then the next, then the next. 13 minutes after Kerio had won the race, a Slovakian named Jozef Urban crossed the finish line. But no one was staring at the time clock because everyone's eyes were glued to his shorts.

You see, Urban finished the race with his penis falling out the bottom of his short leg. Never seeming to notice what was going on, Urban dutifully kept on running, trying to keep a good pace, never realizing that his willy was keeping time along with him.


Footage of the section of the race was quickly uploaded to YouTube where it has been climbing the trending videos all day. At present, it's the #10 trending video on all of YouTube.

It's kind of remarkable that YouTube hasn't pulled the video yet, considering how strict it usually is about nudity. Maybe the decency bots they have running the show make an exception for sports-related slips? Or maybe you just need to watch it now before YouTube gets wise.

Be warned. Here be penis.

I'm well aware of how immature it is to be laughing at something like this. But I'm only human. Besides, with comments like this, it's well worth it.


Another commenter made an equally good point.


As embarrassing as it might have been at first, there are probably worse things in the world than being a world-class athlete with the world's most famous penis.

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