This man has a rare medical condition and had his doctor make him these cool silver-splints for his hands

You've never seen splints like this before!

Jeroen's handy silver-splints

Jeroen is a 29-year-old man who lives in Hoek, Netherlands. He has a rare medical condition known as Hypermobility Syndrome. Not too many people are aware of the condition. In Jeroen's own words, "basically, it causes all the bones of my body to easily dislocate. This happens about 20 plus times a day."

In Jeroen's case, it is difficult for him to use his hands without dislocating his fingers. So, he had a special kind of silver-splint made for each hand to ensure his hands can't make any unnatural movements. "I can still do pretty much anything with these things. They only prevent me from making unnatural movements that might harm me. Only the wrist-piece is designed to fixate my wrist."

The silver-splints are really cool and look like something out of a science fiction film.

Jeroen posted about his condition on Imgur and received numerous questions which he answered diligently. Here we share some of the best ones along with our own.

My physical therapist told me I'm Hypermobile as well. Do I need to worry?

Jeroen: No. Being hypermobile is not the same as having HMS. On top of that I'm one of the worst cases they ever saw, so even if you have HMS you don't need to be alarmed.

Does it hurt when you dislocate something?

J: Actually, I often don't notice. And, most of them pop back [into place] by themselves. Some body parts hurt, though, or are more difficult to put back in place.

It varies from day to day, though, and you get used to it eventually. So. it's not something that I'm too worried about. You just adapt.

Is your condition physically noticeable to others?

J: Well, they can't [notice it] really. It's an invisible illness. But having my silver-splints and a wheelchair do make it [easier] to show people something is wrong.

Will you ever get better?

J: Nope, it's a genetic disorder. It's slowly progressive, so what's lost is lost. I can only try to slow it down.

Does it cause any other problems?

J: Yes, actually. I have some secondary complications that [my service providers] are currently trying to find a treatment for.

Read on for more about what it's like to live with Hypermobility Syndrome and to watch the silver-splints in action.

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