Last Wolverine Movie's Title and Poster Revealed

A fitting farewell to the X-Men's most iconic character.

Scratch March 3rd, 2017 into your calendar folks, because it's time to say goodbye to the record-setting, era-spanning, decade-hopping career of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

Finally, we know the name of the movie. With the series' inconsistent naming style, we were never sure what to expect from the third stand-alone Wolverine movie. The first was called X-Men Origins: Wolverine, originally intended as the first a of a spinoff of standalone titles. The second, simply called The Wolverine was refreshing but it left some room for confusion about what to call this new one. The Wolverine 2 would be dismissing the (admittedly worthy of dismissal) first movie but The Wolverine 3 isn't right either.

Apparently, director James Mangold and company have gone to the movie's story for a title. We already knew that the movie would be based on the "Old Man Logan" stories but c'mon, we're not Neil Young here. If you want to make a movie about old people, you have to hide it, like Gran Torino or Space Cowboys. Instead, this movie will be simply, and perfectly, titled Logan.

Check out the poster below.

20th Century Fox

Third month, third day, third movie, three claws. Perfect.

The man himself seems just as excited as we are for the hype train to start rolling.

Are you ready for one more ride with Wolverine? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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