An Interview With Greg O'Regan: Artist of the Year

We talk about what inspires art, the challenges of committing to a year-long project, and how to get your name heard on the internet.

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Greg O'Regan is an artist who joined Instagram just over three years ago. For the most recent of those three years, he's been working on a personal project dubbed "ThreeFlixtyFive". For one year, Greg watches one movie per day, then draws an iconic moment or character from that movie. His unique, comic book-inspired style brings these movies to life in a way we haven't seen before. Greg was kind enough to give us some of his time to answer some questions about art, inspiration, and getting your name out there. I wanted to do 365 questions but my editor said no, so 12 will have to do!

When did you first get into making art?

I was brought up drawing a lot. My dad has a bit of an artistic side to him, so I feel he always supported any attempt I made in my younger years to draw or paint.

Who are your biggest influences for your style?

I guess I am influenced by a lot of different areas and artists. I like a lot of dynamic comic book artists. Artists like Skottie Young, Humberto Ramos and Joe Madureira. But also animation design from Disney, Pixar, and Dreamworks is really inspiring.

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What made you want to do this project?

It was a combination of a few things. I’ve always been a movie lover, and ultimately sketched things inspired by them. The comedian Doug Benson was watching 365 films in a year, and I heard about this via his podcast. I thought about combining the two as an exercise in loosening up before drawing other projects or other work.

Did you have a process for picking out movies, or was it mostly iconic films/ones that you particularly liked?

There’s not really a definitive way of choosing, to be honest. Me liking the film definitely influences the choice, but then I had to think if there was anything to draw from it; so many great films are guys in suits talking- but that doesn’t really play visually, so I had to be selective. But ultimately so many things influenced my choice like if I’d seen it recently prior to starting the project, requests from friends and followers, and when it came down to it, mood- if I could actually be bothered sitting through the movie.

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What is your process like for picking out a particular moment/character?

I try and sell the movie in the sketch- it's hard sometimes. But my hope is that someone could pick the film from the sketch without any of the text attached.

Is there a genre that is easier to draw than others?

There's not really an easier genre to draw because I think it comes down to me having a connection with it, something I can latch onto it whilst watching it.

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Is there a particular movie that proved especially hard to summarize in one drawing?

Ooh, there's so many- most of them to be honest. In some films, there was so much happening that you get torn in so many ways. However, I just had to move forward and pick something- sometimes successfully sometimes not. But I saw it as an exercise in persistence and always moving forward so I couldn’t stop and contemplate it for too long.

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Do you have any ideas for similar projects to do in the future?

I have a few ideas. I have so many areas that im fond of: t.v, comics, video games, obviously movies. Anything I do I would like to take more time with each drawing so maybe less “everyday” and maybe “every week” so I could take my style to its completion.

Given that you’ve been watching movies from across the past few decades, do you find it’s easier to draw older movies or the newer ones?

Maybe not older ones like the 50s and 60s but there definitely seemed to be an artistic change around the 80’s. A lot of the films from the 80’s are fun to draw because they're quite visual but also iconic at the same time.

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You started on Instagram a little over three years ago. Has your drawing style changed, and if so in what way?

Yeah, I feel it has changed and this was one of the reasons why I wanted to do this too. I have always been able to do so many different styles. But I never really had one of my own that I could pump out an idea quickly with. I feel like this was a great exercise in teaching myself what I like and what I don’t like, and what to do better next time.

What’s your biggest piece of advice for other artists who want to get their work seen?

Well, I have a great friend @lukekeystar who actually was the main reason this got so much attention. Originally I was just doing it for myself. So firstly surround yourself with people who support you. But then, I guess, draw what you want to draw, and keep on drawing it, don’t try to appease people, because you’ll be torn in so many different ways. So find what you like and I'm sure in this big world you’re gonna find others who like it too.

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If people wanted to support you, how would they do so?

Just follow me on Instagram and hopefully I can annoy you every day in your Instagram feed.

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