This Hilarious Girl Made A PowerPoint Presentation To Ask Out Her Crush, Too Bad He's Dead Inside

Who says romance is dead?

Lizzy Fenton (@LizzyFenton) is a treat on Twitter. To give you an idea of her sense of humor, this is the tweet she's got pinned to the top of her timeline.


Clearly, the biology student at UMN has her own way of doing things and that's just fine with us.

So what do you think happens when a cute girl with a sense of humor and a college education develops a crush on a guy? She doesn't reach out to him through dating apps or anything like that. Instead, she does what any of us would do, she asks him out by way of a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.


Seriously? This is kind of amazing. Let's take a look at this presentation.


That's a solid start. The mission statement is clear, she's got the picture to sell the experience. Let's move forward.


Starting off with "your mom will love me" is maybe cutting to the chase a little too quick but let's still give her a chance and see what else she's come up with.

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