This Guy's List Of Rules For His Girlfriend's Vacation Are Insane

No boys allowed.

Especially when you're young, having your boyfriend or girlfriend run off for a drunken festival weekend can bring up some pretty hard-to-shake feelings. You worry for their safety but also that something is going to happen that will change your relationship forever. But that's where trust comes in. You trust your partner to be faithful and to make the right decisions.

Apparently some people feel the need to take a few extra steps to give themselves piece of mind. One way to do that would be to write up some ground rules for your girlfriend before she heads out for her trip.

Over on Twitter, 18-year-old Ashleigh Greenway showed off the list of demands that were sent to her friend Lucy before their trip to Magaluf, a popular Spanish resort among Brits.


In case it isn't easy to make out:

1. No talking to boys
2. No photos with boys (including group photos)
3. Don't let a boy take a picture on your phone
4. No adding boys on Snapchat, swapping numbers or Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
5. No eye contact with boys
6. No buying boys drinks or letting boys buy you drinks
7. No drugs, I will drug test you when you get back
8. Straight back to your hotel at the end of each night
9. You can't wingman your mates they're ugly enough to pull themselves
10. If your girls have boys back leave the room and FaceTime me.

The rules blew up on Twitter, to a pretty understandable reaction.


But one response stands out above the rest.


Hold up, what?


So this isn't even a boyfriend talking? This is essentially some guy getting so jealous he needs to try to control her whole vacation?

The guy from the story, Josh, hasn't said much publicly about the situation. He ended up blocking Lucy on Twitter and put this out the next day.


The act of writing that list would have put an actual boyfriend in some serious hot water but I can't imagine what would possess some random dude to do it.

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