This Guy Used Photos of Male Models To Make a Fake Tinder Profile And The Results Are Totally Insane

Ever wondered what it would be like to be 10/10?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in a top percentage of good-looking people in the world? Do you secretly tell yourself that you're actually good-looking or that life is probably not that different anyway? Well, here comes a lesson from the depths of the Internet.

A guy, known as "GermanLifter," decided to put this theory to the test and create a fake Tinder profile. He used photos of a model to see how women would react.

Here is the model used to make the ladies swoon

Holden Nowell

Meet Holden Nowell, a model from Carly Ray Jepson's music video "Call Me Maybe." Would you like him to call you? Well, the ladies definitely seemed to be in accord on what they wanted to do with him.

Check out how some of the conversations went.

It's really difficult to believe that picking up women could be this easy

Bodybuilding Forum

Outrageous? You've seen nothing yet. He can basically say anything and he's instantly forgiven.

Bodybuilding Forum

So the answer is yes – they want him to call them, maybe.

Some girls try to maintain a shred of decency. Check out how that went on the next page!

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