This Guy Threw Away A Perfectly Good Tinder Match For A Sick Burn

Meanwhile I'm still over here swiping.

For some of us (a.k.a. me) Tinder can be a depressing chore. You swipe and you swipe with no one swiping back. Every so often, someone comes along and matches with you but 9 times out of 10 it's some bot or someone looking to invite you to buy their Arbonne make-up.

So if you're going to be like the guy from this story, you're either on a whole different level of Tinder game than I am, or you're just way more concerned with a good joke than with meeting people.

A guy on Tinder, who describes himself in his profile as an "aspiring DILF" matched with Caroline. So he opened up the same way many people do - with a challenge.


It turned out that the guy already knew the punchline.


So she tried again with another joke and that's when the guy delivered an incredible burn.


If you're missing the joke, maybe you're better off seeing it all at once.


After the guy, jordanr1369, shared the story to reddit's r/Tinder community, people asked what Caroline had to say after he delivered the death blow. Apparently she replied with "Wow...I feel personally attacked, but also amused." But, considering he didn't then brag about a hot date, I have to imagine the conversation died right there.

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Source - reddit

The photo used in this article's preview is meant for illustrative purposes and not to suggest that this is the individual from the story.

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