Guy Spends 17 Hours Getting Rescued After Getting His Junk Stuck In A Wrench

That's not what a wrench is for!

I know – its a pretty striking headline, but what are you going to do? This actually happened! We've all been told growing up not to do stupid things like drive drunk or play in the streets. It should go without saying that you don't wander into the garage and take a wrench from the toolbox and do this with it. So with that, this is a cautionary tale of where not to put your junk.

The Dailymail were the first ones to report on this bizarre ordeal that happened to this Chinese man. The 37-year-old man had the wrench stuck on his junk for 17 hours.

Yes – 17 hours – that is an insanely long time. That's two full days of work! Let that sink in a little.

To make matters worse for the man, Dailymail had to mention it was a tiny wrench. Don't you feel that much worse for the guy now?

The wrench was so stuck on his junk that it started to swell and turn purple. I'm still so confused as to why he would do this in the first place. We've all done some stupid stuff in our lives, but I doubt anything like this. Not that this is an excuse, but it's said that he's a bachelor from Linhai City, so maybe being single has something to do with this?


What do you think could make this pain worse? Having a crowd of professionals around to help that's what. You'd think, okay I did a stupid thing all I have to deal with is a surgeon, that's all. Still sucks, but I'm okay with this. I can't imagine how much worse he felt when they had to call more people in.

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