This Guy Remade the Opening Credits to Family Matters With Footage from Luke Cage... And It's Amazing

YouTuber Zach Ace put his mash-up skills to the test in creating the opening credits to a sitcom we wish we could watch.

Zach Ace has been killing it over on YouTube with his movie and TV mash-ups. The fantastic "Deadpool in Civil War" has amassed over a million hits in just a few weeks.

Now, Zach has hit it out of the park once agin by turning footage from Netflix's internet-breaking hit series Luke Cage and morphing it into an alternate reality version of the ABC/CBS sitcom Family Matters. Scouring the gritty Netflix series for cheery, wholesome images must have been a chore. On reddit, he has stated that Cottonmouth was the hardest to find footage for as the despicable villain is normally dimly lit and simply brightening the images looked like trash.

Check out the video for yourself and I dare you to tell me it's not perfect.

If you'd like some insight into the creation of the video, you can also see a side-by-side with the original Family Matters opening credits. It's even more incredible to see just how well Zach Ace nailed his version.

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