Guy Pulls A Brutal Valentine's Prank On His Girlfriend

This guy is definitely braver than me.

Not everybody puts a lot of stock into Valentine's Day, but if you're in a relationship, you've got two options: either make a big deal out of it or don't. The last thing you want to do is to go for the third option, which is to choose Valentine's Day as the setting for a heartbreaking prank on your partner.

But that's exactly what this guy, Jay, decided to do.


With no plans to hang out, Jay surprised Laura with a text and the promise of a Valentine's Day she would never forget.


Imagine getting a text like that, going from no plans to thinking that you're about to be whisked away to Paris.


Amazingly, Jay wasn't even done dropping hints. Paris alone wasn't good enough to show Laura how much he cared.


But, like I already warned you, this was all a prank, setting Laura up before pulling the rug out from under her. He promised her Paris and Barcelona and that's exactly what she got.


As you can imagine, Laura was less than thrilled with the reveal.


The exchange blew up when Laura shared it on Twitter, with a surprising number of people defending Jay, saying that Laura should be grateful for tickets to the game. But, she didn't even get that. It was all a joke, as she explained in a follow-up video to her critics.

Clearly, Laura can appreciate a good prank.

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