This Guy Has The Most Ridiculous Tattoo You'll Ever See

Let's hope he still thinks it's funny in 10 years.

As tattoos become more and more mainstream, the sheer creativity behind them is bound to increase as well.

The downside is that you're also seeing more and more joke tattoos that, while funny, make you cringe at the same time because you know that a joke won't stay funny forever, even though tattoos do.

That's the kind of tattoo that we're here to talk about today.

Kenny Ollerenshaw is a trucker from Cumbria, England who had a ridiculous idea for a tattoo.

via LAD Bible

After checking with his wife and kid, who all agreed that it was hilarious, Ollerenshaw decided to move forward and go through the 4-hour process of getting the tattoo done.

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The end result is an optical illusion tattoo that makes it look like there's a tiny man driving around Ollerenshaw's body.

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Ollerenshaw is reportedly very happy with the job that was done. He calls it "interactive" as it moves along with him. And, if the wheels originally drawn on his shoulders are any indication, this is just a work in progress.

via LAD Bible

So what do you think? Is this as hilarious as the guy says it is or is this just about the dumbest thing you've ever seen?

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