Guy Creeps A Stripper Online, Gets Blocked, Then Threatens To Sue Her For Discrimination

Another tale of "Nice Guys" finishing last.

We're going to tread lightly with this story, considering how litigious the guy in question tends to be. So instead of digging deep with our judgments, we're mainly going to present these posts, as they exist and were captured and shared via reddit.

It started with a guy who tagged a stripper he had become enamored with online.


So far, we're not setting off any warning signs, beyond the kind of a vibe you get from the sort of people who frequent strip clubs. Then he started dropping his A-game material.


To his credit, the guy is a fierce advocate for legal sex work but I don't think it was quite the pick-up line he was hoping.

Her lack of response wasn't discouraging. He just wanted some details before making the trip.


So he announced his intentions to Facebook, including, oddly enough, calling out one of his spiritual leaders.


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