Guy Becomes Viral Hero After Flipping Off Las Vegas Shooter

But people aren't sure how they feel about it.

In a time when our social media feeds are filled with news, footage, and hot takes of the Las Vegas shooting, there's isn't much to feel good about. It's a situation that fills people with hopelessness and fear but there is an image that seems to have snagged in people's minds to make them feel, at least a little better for a moment.

Among all of the horrifying footage from October 1st, a few frames of a video from someone's cell phone showed one guy who seemed to stand in defiance of the attack from the shooter, Stephen Paddock. While Paddock unloaded round after round into the crowd, people didn't know whether to hide or flee. One guy, whether drunk, belligerent, fearless, or all three, was seen standing above the terrified, crouching crowd and sipping his Bud Light while looking at the Mandalay Bay hotel where Paddock was firing from.

Putting his beer down for the a second, the guy then raises his middle finger to the hotel.


When Paddock opened fire again, shots could be heard all around and the man went back into a crouch.

The image blew up on reddit yesterday, earning a net 33,000 points or so.

By and large, people seeing the photo were impressed by the man's fearlessness.


The YouTube clip that the picture was taken from offers even stronger words of endorsement for the guy's actions.


Something about the guy's brazenness and willingness to put himself in the line of fire for the sake of a show of disrespect to the shooter resonated with a lot of people.


But not everybody sees the guy as a hero. Head to the Next Page to see what his critics had to say.

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