Good Friend Catches Guy Cheating On His Girlfriend. Then Uses A Free Pizza To Get The Best Revenge

Revenge is a dish best

We all wish we had a friend like Eli.

Samantha has a friend like Eli and it saved her from a world of pain, or at least saved her some time in learning what kind of guy her boyfriend was.

You see, Eli (@VermillionEli on Twitter) was apparently nearby this girl Rachel's house, when he saw Kyle (Samantha's boyfriend) sniffing around. Rather than waiting around for an explanation or a story, Eli jumped right on it and decided to call Kyle on his side action.


By that point, no, Eli hadn't told Samantha anything. Instead, he came up with a plan that, if pulled off properly, would get sweet justice for his friend and a delicious meal for himself.

He offered Kyle the opportunity to decide for himself what he wanted to happen. All he had to do to set his own fate was to reach out to Pizza Hut and get Eli some delivery.


Now, some eagle-eyed readers may have noticed where things are about to go really bad for Kyle. But just in case you missed it, click over to the next page and we'll show you how it all played out.

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