This Girl's Tinder Match Turned Out To Be A Cold-Blooded Killer

Suddenly an "active" profile sounds so much worse.

The encounter started off the same way these things normally do. A woman was going through Tinder, looking for some companionship when she came across a guy who grabbed her attention.

Minh – Distractify

Minh was a good-looking guy around her age who wasn't far away at all. That's pretty much the jackpot when you're hanging out on Tinder, so she swiped right and he turned out to be a match. So, they started chatting.

eBaum's World

For a lot of guys, this question can be incredibly frustrating, feeling like your entire value can be boiled down to a number. It's the source of a lot of frustration on Tinder but, regardless, Minh answered.


Maybe it was the answer, or maybe it was, as she claimed, just a question of forgetting to get back to him, but the woman never reached out to Minh again. It wasn't until a couple of months later that she remembered him again, but it wasn't on Tinder.

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