Girl Tries To Sext Her Married Ex And Gets Shut Down Brutally

It's hard to find loyalty like that these days.

5 years is a long time not to hear from someone. Generally, if you're talking about an ex, 5 years isn't long enough. But Facebook has changed things and suddenly people are starting to think that just because someone is a few clicks away, it's alright to reach out to them.

That's what happened to this guy when his ex sent him a message after not talking for 5 years. Aside from not having anything to do with her, he also had another big change in that he'd just gotten married recently.

But still, this woman wouldn't be stopped.

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There's a bit of their exchange missing but it doesn't take long for her to start dropping breadcrumbs.

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Who's to say whether she's genuinely regretting sending the message or whether she's just trying to play hard-to-get.

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Then she let him know exactly why she was reaching out.

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