Girl Shuts Down Thirsty Guy In Her DMs And It's Unforgettable

What a swerve!

There are tons of ways of meeting people online. One of the riskiest is to slide into someone's DMs on their social media platform of choice. Sure, there's a chance that you'll catch someone's eye sending them a DM on Instagram, but I have yet to hear of any great relationship starting that way.

Thirsty folk will imagine their DM entries will look like this...

But it's way more likely to end in a disaster.

Watch what happened when some random dude decided that a DM on Instagram was going to be the start of something special, then got mad when she didn't reply.


Most rational people would realize that this was going poorly and they'd back out but no, not our intrepid pervert. He decided that "Ok" was best followed up with a request for some cyber loving.

Our girl had the answer for that, though.


Hold up, was this about to work?


This thirsty greaseball probably thought that he had hit the jackpot.


And that's when it call came crashing down.


Not that surprisingly, Prince Charming never responded.


As satisfying as that was, let's not forget about the real victim here, Shrek.

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