Girl Learns A Horrifying Truth About Her Sugar Daddy

Good thing he already had the nickname.

Listen, I get it. Life's a struggle, so I'm not about to start criticizing people for getting by however they can. Maybe you're working three jobs, maybe you've got a side hustle on Etsy or something, and maybe, just maybe, you're like this guy's cousin, who got herself a sweet deal matching up with a rich AF sugar daddy.

In a thread that will turn your hair white, @JayAfoolBro tells the story of the sweet life his cousin found when she met a guy who was more than willing to take care of her.

There was just one problem, and Jay starts off his story with a shocking claim.


Hold up, what? Hearing something like that, you know I'm going to read more.


That sounds like a fine deal to me. Hook me up with this guy's number, I'll take care of him right.


Ah. Well apparently I need not apply. Anyway, let's keep going.

To his credit, Jay wasn't about to pass any judgment on her hustle.


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