Girl Has Doubters Screaming She Couldn't Possibly Throw A Football That Far

Judge for yourself.

Alyssa Derrick can throw a football better than most men. Don't believe me? Just watch the video of her doing just that and judge for yourself. Many who've seen the video are asking themselves who is this lady and how'd she develop such a good arm.

Well, turns out that although she knows her way around a football she's better known for her work practicing the other great American pastime. Alyssa plays third base for the University of Maine's softball team.

She's just a natural


In an interview with ESPN, Derrick says she grew up playing softball but her ability to throw a football came naturally. She played tackle football with boys in her neighborhood for years. She says she was always the first pick for flag football in high-school on top of quarterbacking her school's powderpuff team.

The guys couldn't stop watching her

The video was shot during Maine Day (a University of Maine spruce-up day) in a parking lot. Alyssa and her friends were just hanging out and decided to join a group of guys tossing around a football. The guys were definitely surprised when she decided to chuck the ball way deep instead of tossing it to a few of the guys near by.

I think it's because some people don't think a female could throw a ball that far [...] So when they see a female throw a ball with a spiral or if they throw it a long distance, they're very shocked because that's what they think men can do and women can't do.

Some other guys, who didn't happen to see who threw the ball, couldn't believe it when they were told it was Alyssa threw it. They screamed and begged for her to throw it again. Some were even examining the football to make sure it was regulation size.

After the second throw, it seems like the boys just wouldn't let her stop. "They kept feeding me the ball once I threw one. They wouldn't let anybody else throw." And of course, eventually, Alyssa grew tired of the boys' curiosity. "They wanted to keep watching me throw for like 30 minutes, and I was like, 'OK, anybody else can throw a football now.'"


You might be asking yourself, how long was the throw. There are some naysayers still out there, leaving negative comments on her video, who just can't believe it. Others are estimating she threw the ball at least 36 yards or so judging from the number of parking spots the ball crossed.

At 6 feet, 3 inches, Alyssa is a formidable woman. And with that kind of an arm there's a good chance she can throw even farther. She's definitely proven herself at softball but now some people are asking her if she would ever consider playing football after college. We don't know if she's interested for sure but the Women's Football Alliance just tweeted "there will likely be a spot for her" on one of their 65 teams.

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