Garfemon Is an Unsettling Garfield/Pokemon Crossover by Artist Shawn Bowers

Gotta Garf-em all!

Some Pokemon are creepy on their own. They've got nothing on these disturbing Garfield/Pokemon crossovers? Cartoonist Shawn Bowers decided that planet Earth was ready, so now he is on a mission to cross all 151 original series Pokemon with Garfield. Best known from the Garfield comic strip and the Garfield & Friends cartoon, this fat cat loves lasagna and hates Mondays. His superpowers also include impossible appetite and an aptitude for sarcasm. But what happens when a terrible mishap in the lab crosses this lazy cat with some of your most beloved Pokemon? Well, at best the result is oddly unsettling.

1. Catergarf, #009

Shawn Bowers tumblr

This Garfemon struggles between his natural laziness and an inclination to run away any time it is in danger. Sometimes it also produces Shield Dust to hide his lasagna from predators.

2. Garftata, #019

Shawn Bowers tumblr

Garfata is always hungry. It is very inadvisable to piss off this Garfemon by taking its food away. However, this is the only way to make it move.

3. Garfas, #046

Shawn Bowers tumblr

This Garfemon is tuly something. It produces its own lasagna which it carries on its back. The poisoned lasagna dust made as a by-product kills its victims.

4. Garfiwag, #060

Shawn Bowers tumblr

Garfiwag is very effective at stopping other Garfemon from blowing up with its Damp attack. Other than that, it basically makes a huge mess spraying everything with pasta sauce.

5. Victreegarf, #071

Shawn Bowers tumblr

This Garfemon loves to lay in the sun and lure its victims. It also eats everything, sometimes even its owner, digesting even the hardest parts of the body until it drools.

6. Garfduo, #084

Shawn Bowers tumblr

Garfduo acts confused on purpose to annoy its victims and to avoid an accurate attack. It has a wicked sense of humor and it won't let any Garfemon sleep if it is awake itself. In Bowers' own words "Garfduo's two heads take turns napping, so one can eat lasagna while the other rests. One head LIKES Odie, the other head wishes Odie were a CORPSE."

7. Cloystfield, #091

Shawn Bowers tumblr

Cloystfield is truly a vicious type. Its tough armor protects it from counterattack and it is also a great hiding place for snacks. Additionally, "Once it slams its shell shut, it starts napping and can never be woken (it is dead)." This is what Shawn says about it. True story.

8. Exeggugarf, #103

Shawn Bowers tumblr

Some Garfemon are just so strange it can be difficult to believe they are real. For example, this one has its agility doubled in sunlight and makes a new lasagna every time it eats one. I told you it was strange.

9. Jynxfield, #124

Shawn Bowers tumblr

This is a real trickster among Garfemon. It is very difficult to fool or confuse it, even on Mondays. It also needs constant care in the summer because it suffers from Dry Skin.

10. Pinsfield, #127

Shawn Bowers tumblr

Pinsfield can be very useful in place of a lawn mower, as it is great at cutting tall grass. However, you must first make sure you have a bag of lasagnas and that it is not Monday morning. When angry, it can attack and make you faint.

What do you think about Garfemon? Do they creep you out too? Let us know in the comment section below.

Be sure to check out the rest of Shawn Bowers' creations over on his Tumblr.

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