The First Roles Of 16 Riverdale Stars

Life didn't start in Riverdale.

If you're here, it's because you're all caught up on Riverdale and you just can't get enough of it. So we're looking back, as far back as we can, to see where 16 of the most popular stars of the show got their start in acting. We've poured through biographies and hunted down hard-to-find footage to show you the humble beginnings of some of your favorite show's stars.

1. Robin Givens a.k.a Mayor Sierra McCoy

The CW via Riverdale Wiki / Universal Pictures via YouTube

Robin Givens has been acting consistently since 1985 but her first role was even earlier. In 1978, she had an uncredited role as "Guest at Aunt Emma's Party" in Sidney Lumet's The Wiz, the urban reimagining of The Wizard of Oz.

2. Luke Perry a.k.a. Fred Andrews

The CW via TV Guide / NBC via YouTube

While best known for his work on Beverly Hills 90210, starting in 1990, Luke Perry's first on-screen role came 8 years earlier when he had the uncredited role of a captured Union soldier on NBC's time travelling science fiction series Voyagers!

3. Vanessa Morgan a.k.a. Toni Topaz

The CW via Elite Daily / VH1 via YouTube

Vanessa Morgan's career really took off in 2010, and she's been acting consistently ever since. Ten years earlier, she landed the role of the young version of Vanessa Williams' character in A Diva's Christmas Carol.

4. Tiera Skovbye a.k.a. Polly Cooper

The CW via Riverdale Wiki / Kelly-Ruth Mercier via YouTube

Nearly every actor out there gets started in some kind of independent project but this one is smaller than most. Tiera Skovbye's first credit comes from a short film called 24/7 that was created for a Vancouver-based short film festival, where she played the main character's daughter.

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