Father Shares Explicit Messages Sent To 11-Year-Old Daughter To Catch Predator

He's urging parents to #checkyourkidsphones .

It's a difficult decision that every parent needs to make when the time comes to introduce your kids to technology. Wil Atteberry of Texas made the decision to allow his 11-year-old daughter the freedom to start using a phone and social media, with some conditions. One of the ground rules was that she was not allowed to answer messages from people she didn't know.

One day, when going through her phone, Wil noticed that his daughter had gotten four messages from a man neither of them knew. Following the rules, his daughter hadn't responded. But Wil was unsettled and decided to pose as his daughter in order to find out what the old stranger wanted. The responses he got were a parent's worst nightmare.

Please, be warned that the content of these messages is extremely disturbing.




Disturbingly, Donald skipped past the question about why he might want to know where she lived and instead tried to start a video chat.


Wil gave Donald every reason to stop, even reporting his daughter's age.

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