Cop Shoots At Armed Man, Doesn't Realize It's An Actor [Video]

A misunderstanding nearly turns fatal.

On September 16, police responded to a suspected burglary at a brewery in Indiana. When they arrived on scene, they found a masked man leaving the Back Step Brewing Company in Crawfordsville.

The Paper of Montgomery County

Seeing that the man had a gun, the officers shouted at him to drop his weapon. As the man, later identified as Jeff Duff, moved to remove his mask, an officer interpreted the movement as Duff reaching for his gun and fired off a shot.


The shot missed, hitting the wall behind Duff. After the shot was fired, Duff finished removing his mask and, after a tense couple of seconds said "We're doing a movie." The officer responded "excuse me?" and told Duff to get down on the ground.

As it turns out, Duff and a crew were, in fact, filming a movie with the permission of the bar. Unfortunately, there were no clear signs that there was a movie being shot, so the witnesses assumed the robbery was real and someone made the call to the local police. Because no one had notified the police about it either, they responded to the call as if it was real, which almost led to the tragedy.

You can watch the nearly-disastrous footage below.

The production company behind the movie, Montgomery County Productions shared their own footage of the incident, as seen below.

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