Controlling Boyfriend Lashes Out At Guy Who Wishes His GF A Happy Birthday

He sounds like a real keeper.

When dealing with an overly-controlling partner, it can be difficult to guess just what is going to set somebody off. Maybe they'll think you're texting someone too much or thought you were getting a bit too flirty with the barista at Starbucks. Or, if you're anything like this dude, you'll end up getting triggered when another guy has the nerve to message your girlfriend on Facebook to wish her a happy birthday.

Instead of calmly discussing his insecurities with his girlfriend, or better yet, doing absolutely nothing, the guy jumped onto her Facebook and decided to teach this would-be cuckolder a lesson.


The guy who shared this story explains that the birthday well-wisher and the girlfriend are Facebook Friends in name only. They barely speak and he was just saying "Happy Birthday" to be polite.


At this point, the boyfriend unfriended the guy. But he wasn't done there. He found the guy on Instagram in order to send him another threatening message.


At this point, the guy decided that he was better off just steering clear of the situation and hasn't spoken to her since.

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Source: reddit

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