This Comedian Made A Parenting Joke And An Offended Mom Heckled Him For It

Then he completely destroys her.

It's a comedian's job to notice things. In some cases, they're going to notice things about situations they may not have first-hand situations with. Such was the case when stand-up comic Steve Hofstetter (who has no kids) was going through his routine about parents. Pointing out that many parents have a holier-than-thou attitude, he suggested that we not celebrate someone's ability to conceive a child as an accomplishment but instead to save that praise for parents who seem to have actually had a positive impact on their kids' lives. Trust me, it's funnier when he says it.

One woman, however, was none to pleased about the joke. "Bullshit!" she yelled when Hofstetter suggested that having a kid was easier than ordering a pizza.

Now, everyone knows that there is a protected freedom to speak your mind. There's also an unspoken but very well-known understanding that if you decide to speak up (or heckle) from the audience during a stand-up comedy act, you're welcoming the performer to take your objection and throw it right back in your face.

That's exactly what Hofstetter did when he defended his joke and pointed out exactly where she was missing his point.

Enough of my jibber-jabber, though. Let's check out the footage.

For most of this, it's a pretty great return on her callout. He understands that they're talking about two different things. She's talking about raising children, and he's making a joke about how easy it is to make a baby. So he clears that up but she just won't let go. The helicopter bit is hilarious and even though the football analogy isn't the greatest, by the end, there's no question who won the exchange.

Also, take note of how he holds the microphone while he's laying into her.


That's a real pro right there.

This wasn't the first time this year a comedian showed off their amazing skills in handling a heckler.

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